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Pain treatment & Procedures

Head and Neck Pain

Head and Neck Pain treatments at the Spine and Pain Clinic of Texas are dedicated to managing and alleviating pain in these critical areas of the body. Our team understands how debilitating these types of discomfort can be, and we offer a range of specialised services designed to target these issues. Whether it's caused by an acute injury, chronic condition, or other factors, our interventions aim to reduce pain and improve your quality of life.

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Botox Injections

 Botox, or botulinum toxin, is often associated with cosmetic procedures, but it has proven effective for managing pain as well. When used therapeutically, Botox injections can help relax muscles, reducing pain in the head and neck. Our expert team administers these injections with precision, ensuring the relief targets the specific area of discomfort

Mandibular, Maxillary Nerve Blocks

These procedures involve injecting local anaesthetic near the nerves causing the pain, effectively blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain. Mandibular and maxillary nerve blocks can provide significant relief for individuals experiencing persistent pain in the lower and upper jaw regions respectively.

Sphenopalatine Nerve Block

Pain around the forehead, eye, and upper cheek area can often be alleviated with supraorbital and infraorbital nerve blocks. These procedures involve the application of local anaesthetic to numb the nerves in the targeted areas, providing relief from acute or chronic pain in these regions.

Trigeminal Ganglion Block

The Trigeminal Ganglion Block procedure targets the trigeminal nerve, one of the main nerves of the face, and can be highly effective in reducing facial pain. By injecting a local anaesthetic to block the trigeminal nerve signals, our team can help manage pain resulting from a variety of conditions, including trigeminal neuralgia.

Trigeminal Ganglion Radiofrequency Ablation

As a more advanced procedure, this treatment uses radiofrequency energy to disrupt the function of the trigeminal nerve and reduce pain. Our experienced team carefully applies this technique, which can offer long-lasting relief for patients with severe facial pain not responsive to other treatments.

If you’re struggling with head or neck pain, don’t hesitate to take the first step towards relief today. Reach out to our compassionate team at the Spine and Pain Clinic of Texas. Schedule a consultation and explore the many ways we can help you reclaim a pain-free life.

Dr. Muhammad Arif, MD, is a seasoned medical professional with over 26 years of experience. Having successfully performed thousands of procedures, his network of clinics across Texas is a testament to his expertise. His exceptional patient care is validated by hundreds of positive reviews from verified sources.

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Our Happy Patients

Don't just take our word for it – here's what our clients  say about their experience with us

Thanks for seeing me and being understanding while I was upset and crying. Your staff does a great job.
Paula Lauren
Paula Lauren
Helped my husband with his neck pain. He helped him more than any other doctor.
Bernadette Jones
Bernadette Jones
I have had back pain and radiating pain down my right leg and lumbar spine for years. I was seeing a Dr (no name)that had me coming in every two-three weeks because what he was doing and made sure it didn’t last! I then found Dr Arif and he and his staff are so sweet and kind. He talks to u while doing procedures like epidurals and trigger points. His epidurals last 2-3 months there have been things I haven’t been able to do for sometime and thanks to Dr Arif I can now do things! I recommend that if you truly need a great Dr then go see Dr Arif he is amazing and the staff is kind and sweet
John Bellan
John Bellan
Dr. Arif is the best pain specialist I have ever seen. He actually cares about his patients and wants to see improvement. He has changed my life in regards to pain management and I will be forever grateful. He is a fan of needles 🤣 but in the end, I feel and move better than I have in a long time and henis responsible for that. Thank you Dr. Arif!!!!
David Price
David Price
Dr. Arif and the staff were very welcoming and down to earth. I had 2 lower lumbar injections and the team did a great job at pin pointing the best locations for pain relief. I went from constant pain and being limited to a few minutes of standing to very minimal pain and normal activities. This has been a blessing and I highly recommend Jameson Pain Clinic.
Nadine Corsi
Nadine Corsi
This is one of the great staff and doctor Arif is amazing.and the office manager Jackie is the greatest person ever.